Visual Details of Handmade Kilim Rugs

Handmade kilim rugs have higher flake zones and lower flake zones. This imprecision is synonymous with natural and artisanal; in the case of mechanically made kilim rugs, kilim rug has a homogeneous flake height.

Because of weving knot by knot, when we look to the handmade kilim rugs, there is a difference definitely in the patterns.

Even the weaver care very much while weaving, it won’t be like machine weaving, there will be differences at the kilim rug. For example, if the patterns on the kilim rug are completely symmetrical, it can be assumed that this is done by the machine.

At a handwoven kilim rug, the motifs won’t be symmetrical. Willynilly, the handmade kilim rug will be asymmetric. Machine made kilim rugs are more fitting to be thin since they can be programmed to weave as wished. But we can not imagine the same for handmade rugs, so there would be no symetrical designs for those.

On a machine kilim rug, there is no knot. When we look to the pattern, there exists 100% symmetry. When you touch to machine kilim rug, you can not see knots in nowise. The color of the blue that you see in an area of the rugwill be possibly the same with the other areas of the rug. Namely, there is a technical perfection in the rug.

Alvina handmade kilim 3×5ft 120×180cm 2 1024x683 - Visual Details of Handmade Kilim Rugs

Machine made rugs, wools inserted to rug by machines ve back side of the rug would be enforced with latex..

This procedure makes backside tough and leaves cross marks.
On the other hand you can find a little trace of the design on the backside with handwoven kilim rugs. Each knot created by hand gives an intrecate look to the rug. That’s why it takes such a long time finish a handmade kilim rugs. The main goal of this procedure is to obtain a tight and high quality rug. Although even handmade kilim rugs have different quality scales.

Looking to the backside of the kilim would be enough to for understanding if it is a handwoven or machine-made. Patterns must be evident when looking to the front side. If it is not very evident at the back side it is probably a machine-made rug.

To capture the quality of a rug, one must verify the quality of the wool which is used to prepare that rug. The elasticity, length and luster of the wool is the most important qualities.The thickness has no importance of whatsoever on the quality of a rug.

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