Vintage Kilim Rugs and Vintage Decoration Senses

Risus vintage kilim 4x6ft 135x183cm 1024x683 - Vintage Kilim Rugs and Vintage Decoration Senses

Use vintage kilim rugs and things for to reflect your soul to your home! As said, The most beautiful house in the world is the house where there is life in it! Each house reflects it’s own owner and his/her soul. For this reason decoration is important. From color of wall to kilim design..

Houses where the food is poured, the friends have visited, also the laughter has been heard, the joy and the enthusiasm has been, are a prime.

So, how is your home?

Maybe you are a little bohemian, or maybe you have a light rustic atmosphere. Or vintage decoration is describing you. Most of all, If you like vintage decoration, this article is for you!

What is Vintage Decoration?

In short, vintage decoration is the decoration parts of the old period compatible with today’s decoration trends. The longing for nostalgia sometimes manifests itself in music. Sometimes in clothes, and sometimes in decoration.

Vintage Decoration Models

Even if the 1980s and 1990s look vintage, you need to know the history well. This is due to not to mix retro decorations with vintage decorations. Vintage decor needs to be laid down until 1920s. It may be difficult to find and to use the items of turnover. Fortunately, vintage kilims make it easier to catch these trends.

Vintage Kilim Rug Models

So, Vintage kilim models will carry your decoration to the point your imagination. Let’s say you’ve got a vintage sofa set that looks pretty stylish. What you are going to complete with this vintage sofa set?  The answer is coming immediately and your rescuer is becoming a vintage kilim. The decoration finds its place by completing the texture without breaking the texture.

Why Vintage Kilim Rugs Are Preferred?

The beauty of vintage decoration is hidden in the story of hiding in it. Because, It is leading a character to the object that you are using. Some of them reflects the period of war and some of them reflects of the first moments of technology..

Vintage kilim rugs are the best complement because of this. Because they have a story. Every kilim rug produced by Simerugs is handmade and haute couture. So there isn’t a second one of a kilim.. If you add the history of this feature, vintage soul of vintage kilim rugs become indispensable.

Vintage Kilim Rugs and Simerugs Love

If you love kilims and if you want a soul of the things you touch we are here with our vintage kilim rugs. Also, if you are indispensable in hand labor and quality is important to everything, you can take a look at our Vintage Kilims. We will be happy to accompany you on this pleasant journey.

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