Vintage Kilim Rug Models; Modern Face of Nostalgia

Vintage kilim rug models are among the most popular rugs of recent times. Vintage decoration is formed by combining decoration materials used between 1920-1950 with contemporary modern designs. Beyond the furniture of that turn, it also has an interior dynamics of the same turn.

Kilim rugs are a type of carpet that is based on history and continues to be used even years later. Because it is easy to clean, because it is durable and because it does not lose its color due to the quality of the paint used, its place in the carpet world is quite different.

hiya vintage kilim 2 - Vintage Kilim Rug Models; Modern Face of Nostalgia


Vintage takes its power from the past. For this reason modern kilim rugs and kilim rug designs are used in vintage kilim models. You can come across pastel shades treated with geometric designs.

How to Use Vintage Kilim Rugs in Home Decoration?

You can easily catch the perfection in the decoration with vintage decoration punch points, you can bring the modern face of nostalgia to your home.

Take care to use antique furniture

You do not have to struggle for trying to find old furnishings. You can paint your existing furniture with antique technology.

Rose vintage rug 115x210cm 377x689ft 768x1024 - Vintage Kilim Rug Models; Modern Face of Nostalgia


Try to find objects bearing traces of that turn

If you are wondering where to find it, you can find it in shops which sell antique items and on the flea market. For example, a velvet-looking lampshade in a dark green color and a vintage rug model with a geometric pattern will complement each other and look very nice.

If you do not have time for going market, we have a suggestion for you, Handmade gourd lamps looks very mystical and stylish.

Or placing an Authentic Cologne Copper Bottle to corner of your room near a vintage kilim rug will brighten your room.

You can take a look for different alternatives from here.

Stay away from chaos and confusion

Vintage decoration loves simplicity and encourages you to simplicity. For this reason, you can say goodbye to unnecessary and unused items in your home.

Always have flowers

We can not think a decoration without plants that meet with colors. Make sure the area be green. Even if you have a blanket of light, if you use both green plants and vintage kilim rugs, you can get a perfect fit.

Where to Find Vintage Kilim Rugs?

We, as Simerugs, produce every kilim rug handmade. For this reason, all the products we produce are hot coutre. We use 100% wool so you can inherit them to your grandchildren. We use root paint because we do not want the color of the kilim rug you bought to fade. Each kilim rug is treated separately. Because we love you.

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