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Visual Details of Handmade Rugs


Handmade rugs have higher flake zones and lower flake zones, this imprecision is synonymous with natural and artisanal; in the case of mechanically made rugs, the rug has a homogeneous flake height. Because of weving knot by knot, when we look to the handwoven rugs, there is a difference definitely in the patterns. Even the […]

The history of the Persian carpet


The history of the Persian carpet, which is a culmination of artistic magnificence, dates back 2500 years. Having attained a degree of perfection unmatched through the centuries, Iranian craftsmen are among the first carpet weavers in history. The know-how in carpet making has been passed down from father to son as a well-kept family secret. […]

Kilim is a song which comes from the soul of the Anatolia.


Kilim is a song which comes from the soul of the Anatolia.  There is love, myserty and labour in its melody. This is a passion of hundreds of years. A rug that you choose may live longer than you. It can be inherited over generations. We don’t believe they are something only for floors, they have […]

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