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Colourful Sounds of Anatolia


Colourful Sounds of Anatolia Rugs were used in Anatolia in everyday life from tents to cedars, from sacks to saddlebags, from wedding gifts to death ceremonies. It is also necessary to indicate that, in addition to their daily life use, the rugs are also used as communication tools. They carry memories, feelings, sufferings and nature […]

Kilim is a song which comes from the soul of the Anatolia.


Kilim is a song which comes from the soul of the Anatolia.  There is love, myserty and labour in its melody. This is a passion of hundreds of years. A rug that you choose may live longer than you. It can be inherited over generations. We don’t believe they are something only for floors, they have […]

Kilim History


Kilim History Carpet-weaving is an ancient handcraft and appears very early in all regions inhabited by nomadic Turkish groups. The oldest known knotted Turkish carpet known as the Pazyrik carpet, was discovered in a barrow-tomb in the Altai mountains, which dates back to the 4th century BC (Turan ,htlm.). The Turkish arts of textile-making and […]

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