Sounds of Colorful Kilim Rug

Colorful kilim rug, a beautiful song from Anatolia

Rugs were used in Anatolia in everyday life from tents to cedars. From sacks to saddlebags, from wedding gifts to death ceremonies, as much as colorful kilim rug models

It is also necessary to indicate that, in addition to their daily life use. Kilim rugs are also used as communication tools. They carry memories, feelings, sufferings and nature on them.

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Beauty of a colurful kilim rug♥

The motifs on rugs and kilims are woven today in Anatolia carry the characteristics of old Turkish beliefs and traditions. Those who wove rugs embodied the regions they lived, the natural disasters they endured, animals they encountered as well as their beliefs, wishes and cultural events on the patterns. The rugs carry traces of every civilization that has reigned over Anatolia. (Persians, Greeks and Turks etc.)

Divergent nature of Anatolia’s natural conditions and the nesting of various cultures throughout history is a fact. So these weavings show diversity in terms of their techniques and patterns.

The signs and symbols on carpets and rugs are called motifs. The combination of them are called patterns.

When the symbols on a prayer rug are interpreted, reflections of the happiness of a new-born baby can still be seen even years after. Which thanks to these woven patterns. From this point of view, rug and carpet weaving also show some sort of treatment and therapy features.

Whether the rugs describe sadness or happiness, they have always been able to convey the story of the weaver’s artistic talents. Talents to the outside world almost like a novel or a message.

The nomadic women of Anatolia not only possessed a continuity beyond their own lifetimes with these weaving skills that they gained in order to find their inner sense. But also a continuity of expression that would reach to their children and grandchildren.

These weavings, which will last for generations, will not be stuck in Anatolia. But will decorate the houses of people who are interested in rugs all around the world.

In this way, the weavers will have the rightful pride of being among a lucky minority who can savour their feelings all over the world with their smart patterns, creative colour choices, understanding of motifs and ability of weaving.

Buying rug has two different meanings:

  • First of all, it is to contribute to the decoration of your home as the owner of a work of art which is incredibly beautiful with a tremendous colour harmony and pattern richness.
  • Secondly, it means to own a historical leaf that reflects the woven tradition of both rich Anatolian history and local life as well becoming a partner of this history.

We wish you a good journey in your spiritual time travel in our galleries with the rugs you will like. You will find the meaning in addition to the harmony of colour and patterns.

Take a look our some of colorful kilim rug models from the link: Patchwork Kilim Rugs

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