How to decorate your home with using a kilim rug with Feng Shui?

Feng Shui and Kilim Rug Models

Feng Shui is a Chinese doctrine designed to feel the energy of life at home that exists in nature. While talking about home decoration models, 2018 decoration trends, we wanted to go a bit deeper. We have combined the handmade kilim rug models with Feng Shui teaching and compiled the kilim rug models according to Feng Shui for you.

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Handwoven Kilim Rug and Bedroom Decoration

How would conformity a bedroom with handmade kilim rug models and Feng Shui doctrine be? Bedroom decoration is very important for personal peace of mind. Even when we are asleep, we are standing in the bedroom in the most of the time we spend at home. That’s why decorating a bedroom to comfort our soul is important.

Zuzana handmade kilim 3×5ft 120×180cm 819x1024 - How to decorate your home with using a kilim rug with Feng Shui?

Feng Shui suggests red tones in the bedroom. Because the red color is believed to keep the room warm. For this reason, you can choose a red kilim rug model in such a way that the red shades weigh heavily.

Kilim Rugs and Salon Decoration

What does Feng Shui say for the salon decoration that we want to be joyful, enjoyable and chatty? First of all, instead of choosing round objects, we suggest you choose square and rectangular shapes. Rather than choosing a round handmade kilim rug in the same way when choosing a kilim, it is much better to choose rectangular and square forms.

Lara vintage kilim 3x5ft 114x180cm 2 768x1024 - How to decorate your home with using a kilim rug with Feng Shui?

Our second recommendation is that a simple and minimalist style is preferred instead of filling the hall decoration with goods. You can even read our article “Modern Love between Kilim Rug and Minimalism” on this subject.

Kilim Rugs and Kitchen Decoration

The colors that are used according to Feng Shui are very important for the cuisine which is a symbol of fertility. First of all, it is very important that the kitchen is clean and tidy.

At the same time, bright areas for the kitchen are suggested. Colors prefer blue, lilac, orange and green colors.

Do not you want to complete a simple kitchen decoration with handmade kilim rug models? We have very good suggestions for you.

Kilim Rugs and Bathroom Decoration

Feng Shui decoration is based on foundation and integration. The bathroom is a place where water exists and plenty of contact with water. The plants need water, so green colors are suggested for decorations because they are reminiscent of plants.

Soil is always in need water and look for it. For this reason, you can use earth tones, brown and beige colors in the canyon.

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