We’re SimeRugs,

Creative siblings who love to investigate and to be innovative.

We are two siblings who was raised in a small but cute city in Turkey. We have a passion for everything about kilims and rugs.

Kilims and rugs were (and still are) a big part of our lives since our first steps because this is our family’s trade for three generations. Our grandfather’s and our father’s workshops filled with kilims entered to our lives as playgrounds. We used those for goal-posts to our soccer games or hid ourselves in them while playing hide and seek.

As we grow up, our perspective has changed; those kilims and rugs were no longer some playthings or some fabric we cover the floor with. As time passed, we had started to comprehend the passion of our father for this profession.

Even though life has drawn some different paths and careers to us both as adults, we couldn’t stay away too long from this passion and we have decided to embrace it and follow the footsteps of our grandfather and father.

We have a passion for everything about kilims and rugs.

So, why do we love kilims and rugs with passion?

We love to learn and to understand the history on kilims and rugs, the harmony of the colors and the story which the craftsmen is trying to tell. Meanwhile we love to be innovative, hence we try to investigate, discover and create different ways to apply kilims in our lives. We also cherish to make our customers happy and satisfied.

  • We do love our job.
  • We continue to work to be better.
  • We produce solutions not excuses.
  • We work rigorously and metiiculously.

We are aware that each of our product is a reflection of the Anatolian folk. Knowing that each motif and pattern has a meaning, a message and a thousands years of history behind it amplify our respect for this job.

Our hard-worked, handicrafted products meet with the modern fashion and by each new idea and we shape our work and production accordingly.


We are proud to be able to make difference by bringing together the old fashioned and modern concepts.

We are really very excited to start this journey and make something beautiful together with you!


– SimeRugs